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About us

SciGi is an association of men and women who are passionate about science.

Although we have followed different educational paths, we agree on the same feeling: the scientific fields lack of girls. This is why we created a platform that we would have helped us when we were in high school.

During our career, we felt the constraints linked to the imbalance of the number of girls and boys in scientific studies and we decided to act together!

SciGi exists to create scientific vocations in young girls who, like us, doubt their capabilities. To do this, we present on this platform and our social medias women with inspiring careers but also women who have marked the history of science (and that no one is talking about!). We also connect girls who have questions about scientific fields with women who work in these sectors.

This initiative is attracting more and more people so we hope you enjoy visiting our site and all the unique content that we share. Take a look around and who knows, maybe you'll discover what drives you!

Our team

Monika T.


Houda O.

Vice President

Gabriella V.

Communications Officer

Mazzarine D.


Aymane H.

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