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Period Studio, the feminist section of the Loopsider media handed us the mic for an interview.

"If you ask someone to name a woman scientist, other than Marie Curie, very few people are able to answer".

Monika, co-founder of the SciGi (Sciences For Girls) association, wants to break down sexist clichés about the scientific professions and encourage young girls in secondary schools to study in still too masculine sectors.

In order to do this, SciGi highlights the work of great woman scientists who have marked our society.

This interview is also available on Youtube.

Following a first meeting at UNESCO, the International Science Council, an English-speaking non-governmental organization, gave the floor to the President of SciGi.

Monika Tcheufa is a Cameroonian blogger and engineer in the renewable energy sector. She is currently completing an internship with EDF and runs a blog, SciGi (Science for Girl) where she encourages young girls to go into STEM fields through social media and blogging.


Monika speaks about her experiences and challenges as a young woman in the male-dominated engineering field.

Read their full article here.

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In December 2020, Elles Bougent awards us the prize for the competition “The trophies of equality”.

The association @scigi_blog or Sciences for Girls was created by female students to promote women scientists (engineers, researchers, professors, etc.).


Through social medias and their blog they encourage middle and high school girls to get into science by presenting them portraits of professionals from all over the world to enrich the diversity of backgrounds and #rolemodels #WomenInScience!

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