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Dr Lynda NOUFACK : A dermatologist who talks about skincare on social medias

Dear subscribers, for this new 2021-2022 edition, we start with a theme that has been requested by many of you: "Women in the field of medicine", hoping that through our articles, our LIVE on Instagram and our various actions, you can find answers to your questions !

To follow up our LIVE Instagram on the profession of Operating Room Nurse which took place last week with Katia ROBERT, this week we present you Doctor Lynda NOUFACK, resident in dermatology (study of all the pathologies of the skin, nails, mucous membranes and phanera) and venerology (study of sexually transmitted diseases) at the University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar, Senegal.

After her high school diploma obtained at the age of 17, Lynda defended her doctorate in medicine 7 years later in Cameroon. She then went on to specialize in dermato-venerology in Dakar which takes 4 years and is now in her 3rd year.

Beside her studies, she is a young entrepreneur known as @DrLyndouce on social networks through which she gives advices on how to take care of our skin. Appointments for tele-consultations can be made directly on her website:

She opened the doors of her consultation room to SciGi to present her background, the responsibilities assigned to her during her various medicine classes and give us some advices on the subjects in high school that are essential to succeed in this domain. We won't tell you more, everything is in the video below !

Check out her work and don't hesitate to contact her on:

Twitter : @DrLyndouce

Instagram : @Dr.Lyndouce

Facebook : @DrLyndouce

We hope this article can inspire more than one! Do not hesitate to subscribe if you haven't yet done so and to give us feedback in the comments or on our various social networks (@SciGi_blog on Instagram and Twitter, @sciencesforgils on Facebook).

See you soon for a new article ;) !

Edited by Dr Lynda NOUFACK and Ornella S.

Dr Lynda NOUFACK : A dermatologist who talks about skincare on social medias

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