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Alice Peyrard: Preserve our future, Let’s act together to protect our water resources

On March 22, we celebrated World Water Day, an opportunity to raise awareness and take action for the sustainable management of this vital resource. It is imperative that we adopt sustainable practices to preserve our water resources.💧

For example :

  1. Reduce our water consumption by adopting responsible consumption habits.

  2. Protect aqueous ecosystems by limiting pollution.

  3. Invest in sustainable infrastructure that respects the environment.

  4. Raise awareness and educate others on the importance of water conservation and promote sustainable practices.

Alice Peyrard works to protect aquaeous spaces to protect our environment. Discover her journey and her goals in this interview!

Alice Peyrard

Dynamic young woman who works to protect the environment by preserving the aqueous environment. Passionate about chemistry and ardently proactive in reducing my impact, I fell in admiration of this scientific world to understand the matter and its interactions since middle school. Adventurer and wishing to meet the main players in research and industry, my studies and my professional opportunities allowed me to travel from the North to the South of France (with crucial experience at the Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland) to the study of the preservation of the most important resource, essential for all forms of life, water.

My missions

To ensure the proper functioning of the wastewater treatment plant, to be an actor in the various internal processes within the company. I participate in the preventive maintenance of the installations as well as its cleaning. I sample and analyze at the different monitoring points of the process.

The importance from my career perspective is to understand the process as best as possible, to remain active with the client to achieve their treatment and rejection objectives and to see beyond the regulations in force. The actions at the heart of the process and the analyzes remain essential for my career monitoring.

Alternating with my colleagues, I am either in the laboratory to carry out the various daily analyses, or in maintenance of the operation by carrying out calibrations or other actions to guarantee the proper functioning of the treatment process.

Alice Peyrard
In action

My career

After my diploma in 2020 at ENSI Poitiers/University of Poitiers, I have recently become an Operations Engineer Technician at NIJHUIS Saur near Grenoble, after three professional failures. With the NIJHUIS Exploitation team, we are in charge of the operation of the treatment of industrial effluent.

Being passionate about science, life shows us that if there are difficult times we must always persevere. The encounters in my different professional experiences are the greatest riches in a career. Being at the heart of initiatives to preserve the environment and constantly questioning myself to improve processes through discussion are always the areas that motivate me and that I wish to enrich. Aren’t questioning and exchanging facts and advances the foundations of science?

What I would say to little Alice

Alice, you discovered chemistry in 5th grade with Monsieur Fontaine, it is the keystone of your career but it has vast areas of application. The training you had is not what you wanted, but rely on your courage and your will. The obstacles will sometimes be difficult but the game is worth the effort.

My determination to obtain a position in which analysis and fieldwork are on a daily basis. It took a long time, but stubbornness is successful if you believe in it.

My hobbies

Outside the station, I help organize events around board games. These breaks, with outdoor activities like hiking, are an opportunity to discover the region in which I moved.

It is necessary to take a break and get some fresh air to be better in your head and spirit when you work. This balance is included in my lifestyle and the framework in which my position fits. My outside activities allow me to think about myself while being active in my work.

Role model

My role model is none other than my internship supervisor when I was in Finland,

Zahra Safaei. Iranian post-doctoral student, working in Finland, expert in Separative

Sciences, her journey is inspiring and commands respect. Far from home and her

family, she is an example to follow both the trials she has overcome and her in-depth work in her chosen field.

A few tips

Persevere and never give up. Show off, be cheekybe cheeky, be curious and show that you are curious (This is not just an ugly flaw but a beautiful mark of understanding of the world and its environment).

Speak within yourself so you can find your way. Keep it and let no one deviate from you. It is your direction, your guide.

Edited by Mazzarine D. & Léa C.

Find her here:

LinkedIn : Alice Peyrard

You want to meet or contact Alice? Send us a message via the contact form!

Alice Peyrard: Preserve our future, Let’s act together to protect our water resources


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