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Evelyne De Larichaudy : “The construction field is an environment where it is quite rare to se

Hi everyone !

My name is Evelyne de Larichaudy, and in addition to being a civil engineer graduated from the “Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics (ESTP)” – special school of civil engineering – in Paris, I was also elected in 2019 Miss Ile-de-France and had the chance to participate in the Miss France contest! Let me tell you about my journey !

Credits to: Sipa Press / Ben Decoin

I am currently an Price Studies Engineer at Dumez (it is a subsidiary of Vinci Construction France, a large building and civil engineering company). I have been in this position for a year and a half, and it allows me to be at the heart of the production of a work of building and civil engineering.

In practical terms, before a project is started, it is necessary to establish a budget of expenses and contact all the intermediary companies that will help to implement the project : these are called subcontractors. My role is to evaluate the offers these companies offer us, in order to choose the best for the need of the project! So, I have to regularly contact them, compare offers and set budgets for expenses related to the project.

The fun part ? I work on a lot of different projects,which enables me to learn a lot!

How did I get to this point? First of all, it was all about passion ! Since high school, I have been fascinated by the design of buildings and works of art. I’ve always wanted to know how buildings, from the simple residential building to the Eiffel Tower, are put in place. Civil engineering is truly a wide sector, with a lot of interactions and movements! The range of opportunities is impressive. Whether you’re comfortable on site, in an office, in study, in the environment or in consulting, anything is possible!

To pursue my goal, I chose to leave La Réunion, my home country, to continue my studies in the metropolis after high school. I joined a preparatory class at the major engineering schools in Paris, where I spent 2 years. I then passed the entrance exams, and I was admitted to a school specializing in the construction field : ESTP. I spent two years at this school, and then a year in Los Angeles to do a double degree in structural mechanics at University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA).

It’s been a challenging process, and I’m proud of the journey I’ve accomplished, because it hasn’t always been easy for me. In particular, the preparatory class period was very hard, because it takes a lot of work and the level is very high in class, especially in Paris. In addition, I had just left my family, and I found myself in a very competitive environment. To get to the end of these two years was a challenge, and even if it had to be done again, I will definitely embark on the same field!

About my place as a woman in my work environment and even at school, I have never felt discriminated. On the contrary, I have made many friends throughout my career!

Credits to: Damien Bui

What do I do a part from my work? Well for those who follow Miss France, you have surely seen me as a Miss Ile-de-France candidate in 2019 🙂 Parade has always been a passion for me. In high school, I had already enrolled in modeling/beauty contests. Like many people, I’ve been watching Miss France with my family since I was a little girl, even though I never imagined I’d ever be able to participate! However, once I graduated, I decided to get started, and I saw this as an opportunity to show that women can evolve (and very well) in very different fields. I think I won my bet! My scientific background taught me the rigor, endurance and perseverance that were essential assets for me during the competition.

Also, my company has been very supportive during this adventure, even if the construction field is an environment where it is quite rare to see misses! 😀 Since my first election as Miss Hauts-de-Seine, they have communicated a lot about me and given their support.

Credits to : Aurélie Périllou

Today, I manage my time between work in the day and Miss events in the evening or on weekends. My schedule is quite busy, but I manage to organize myself by keeping a well-positioned agenda. Right now, I have a lot of projects coming up. Miss France has really allowed me to gain self-confidence and in what I am able to accomplish, I am ready for the challenges and I try to live my life without regrets!

What about you girls? Your lives belong to you, so don’t miss out on what you really like ! Don’t forget that who doesn’t try anything, has nothing! People who dare are always the best rewarded. If you’re attracted to science, then get started! Even though there are few girls in science today, their number is increasing, and it may be thanks to you !

Written by Pilar

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