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Solimar VELASCO : Be humble and do not hesitate to ask for help, Women in the maritime sector

Dear subscibers,

To close this month’s theme: « Women in the maritime sector », we introduce you to a new woman with a journey, which we hope can inspire you.

Following up on the LIVE Instagram about being a female marine pilot that took place last week with Reshma NILOFER (India’s 1st and only female marine pilot), this time we introduce you to Solimar VELASCO. She comes from El Salvador and is a deckhand on Yachts.

She allowed SciGi to come aboard her boat to introduce us to her background, the realities of her job and give us some advices on the essential subjects to succeed in this field. We won’t tell you more, it’s all in the video below!

Montage vidéo réalisé par Stellane G.

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