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Severine DUMAGNY : The Video gaming industry isn't just big commercial games

Dear subscribers, for the end of this 2020/2021 edition, we end in style with the theme "Women and Gaming" !

We decided to start by showing you the atypical career of Severine Dumagny, a freelance web developer who has made her passion for video games a profession.

Having had a literary high school diploma, her computer skills were judged "insufficient". Despite this, she decides to train independently on different platforms such as Open Classrooms, Code academy and Game codeur. Today she takes care of the programming, project management and communication of her own video games!

Her game "Penguin and Raptor" which is a hidden objects game, released in 2020 after 3 years of development is available on android and app store.

She agreed to share with us her creations, her background as well as the advantages and disadvantages of working in Freelance. She also introduces us to the Women In Games association of which she is a part, which works for gender diversity in the video game industry in France. She tell us everything on the video below:

As Severine said in the video, apart from the entertainment side, video game programming is also useful in areas like:

  • E-learning: learning a subject on the internet, often through mini games which are produced using the same techniques as a video game production;

  • Serious Games: games which are not developed for entertainment but to talk about a more serious or commercial subject; Severine, for example, worked on this game in 2018 intended to educate young people on freedom of expression.

To access the games that Severine prepares with her friends in Gamejam click here.

She also wanted to highlight independent games recently developed by small teams:

Go check her work and do not hesitate to contact her on:

Twitter : @sev4games

Instagram : sev_4games

Facebook : sev_4

We hope this article can inspire many of you ! Do not hesitate to subscribe if it has not yet been done and to give us feedback in comments or on our social media accounts (@sciGi_blog on Instagram and Twitter, @sciencesforgirls on Facebook)

See you next week for the last article of this 2020/2021 edition ;) !

Video edited by Monika T.

Severine DUMAGNY : The Video gaming industry isn't just big commercial games


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